Stacey Turner lives way out in the country in West Central Illinois with her husband, semi-adult children, gorgeous grandson and 6 cats.

Most of her time is taken up with managing and editing duties at Angelic Knight Press, but she still finds time to review books & interview authors, write a blog about her absolutely ridiculous family and write fiction. When she's not here you can find her at What passes for sane on a crazy day, See Spot Read, Twitter, Facebook & Indie Horror.

When she has free time she enjoys fishing, haunted houses, Mexican food & margaritas, traveling, and the ocean. She hates being interrupted in the middle of writing. She is very passionate about Autism research and the rights of people with disabilities.
She does not like scarecrows, creepy dolls, birds (of any sort), snakes, clowns or garden gnomes. She does like comments, new friends, scary movies and good books.