Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet Olivia

Olivia is the narrator of my current work in progress, which I think will be a novella. An historical haunted house novella. Its a huge departure from my usual work, but Olivia wouldn't let me be until I started telling her story. The vast majority of the other writers reading this will know exactly what I mean. And the story? Well its pretty much writing itself most days, which is good, but then there will be the editing.

Olivia is a 19 year old girl who wants what all 19 year old girls want; to be thought pretty and smart, to have a handsome guy fall in love with her, to spend time with her friends and for her parents to treat her like an adult. But Olivia's major problem is peer pressure. She has a clique of friends and Claire is the Queen Bee (think mean girls for the Victorian set). And Claire always gets what she wants. Even though Olivia knows deep inside her, that something is wrong with Starkraven, she lacks the backbone to stand up to Claire and halt her plans. There's a price to pay for not believing in yourself, and for Olivia, it's a high price indeed.

I'm posting another excerpt to my WIP on the WIP page. I hope you'll all check in with Olivia and come to worry about her as much as I do.


*Photo was taken from; user Lady_Dark_Vader


Claudia Lefeve said...

Oooo. I may have to pick your brain, since my prequel to The Fury will be set in the Victorian Era, as well...London :)

Spot said...

Pick away! I've actually ended up doing a lot of research on this one. And most of it strange- when did the spiritualist movement begin? How far can a horse drawn carriage travel in eight hours? And when did indoor plumbing come into play? Its been an informative journey so far...


Blaze McRob said...

I take the easy way out and write about what I already know. However, I do have one tale coming up about a Viking warrior versus Charlemagne. No need to worry about research on that one either. I'm really old. Anyone believe in past-life experiences? Hmmn . . .

I'm looking forward to this story coming out.


Spot said...

Hahaha Blaze! Not THAT old, I would hope. Time to pick up a history book!

I do believe in past life experiences.


Anonymous said...

I like Olivia already and the Victorian era has always been a secret love of mine. Well, it was a secret until now.
Olivia seems to be in a situation most of us can easily identify with. Let's face it, 19 is the age when you truly begin trying to find your way in the world.
Like I said, I like her already and can't wait to read more about her. :-)

Spot said...

Jason~ thanks so much! I think that's what struck me the most as I was writing, how similar her situation is to that of teens today. They've been looking for the same things no matter what time period. Luckily Olivia is proving spunkier than I gave her credit for. Once her story is told, you and Tab will be one of the first people I send it to!