Monday, April 16, 2012

7 Year Witch Contest

It's contest time!! And that means free books. Who doesn't love free books? Crazy people, that's who. So since we're all relatively sane here and most of us love free books, let's have a contest. The book up for grabs this time around is AKP's latest release 7 Year Witch.

7 Year Witch is part paranormal romance, part sexy romp, part romantic comedy, and all parts awesome. What happens when a novice witch pops back in time to 1877 to confront an evil wizard and ends up landing in a field outside of London where she's found by a Duke? Add a magic disease, some meddling relatives, and the whole time difference thing, and you've stirred up a pot of calamity that tries to keep these lovers apart. It's a fun book that you won't want to miss!

So how do you enter? Each contestant will be awarded two entries for signing up for the AKP newsletter over on our official blog. One entry will be given for following the AKP blog. One entry will be given for following Cindy Keen Reynder's author blog. One entry will be given for liking the AKP Facebook page. And one for liking the 7 Year Witch Facebook page.

The contest will run through Wednesday, April 18th at midnight CST. Winners will be drawn on Friday and announced here and at the AKP page. Prizes are:

3 copies of the Kindle version of 7 Year Witch.
1 print copy of the book.
1 $10 gift card.

Please leave a comment after you enter and let me know if you can't do a Kindle version (because you have a Nook or other reader) and we'll see what we can do!

Thanks and Good Luck!


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