Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet Jeremiah Coe....

I met Jeremiah Coe in the Masters of Horror Facebook group (you're all surprised, right?). He asked me if I wanted to review his e-novella, Vampire's Retribution. Well I love vampires. And I love free books so it was a win/win for me. I put up a review of Vampire's Retribution today at See Spot Read. You can head over there to see what I had to say about the book. But of course, over here, we're all about the author. So without further ado, the interview...

1.) How long have you been writing novels?  I have been writing since I was five years old.  I've always had quite an imagination and was always making up stories, when I was 5 my mom started writing them down for me.  As far as novels are concerned, I wrote The Dead of Space Books One and Two in 2005.  Those were my first actual novels I wrote.

2.) Do you write full time or do you have a day job? What is it?  I would love to say I am a full time writer, but if I did, I'd be lying, even though there are weeks I put in full time hours at my computer.  My day job, even though I don't work during the day ha ha, is at a plastics factory in the finishing department.  I'm not sure how much I can say without getting myself into trouble, so I'll leave it at this, I work on the assembly line building the center console for a really popular line of cars and if you happen to have one of these cars, it is safe to assume my hands built your arm rest.

3.) Is this your fist published work?  Vampire's Retribution is my first published work with Netbound Publishing but it is not the first work I've had published.  My first short story was published in 2007 and my first novels, both The Dead of Space books, were both published in 2010.  There were several short stories published in between my first one getting published and my first novel.  There was also a third novel called Here Comes Santa between the second The Dead of Space book and Vampire's Retribution.

4.) What made you decide to go the Indie route? When I was trying to find a home for The Dead of Space, I sent it to both indie presses and the major publishing houses.  An indie press was the first to bite.

5.) Vampires Retribution is about vampires and is set in the Civil War era. What made you choose that time frame for the setting?  There were a couple of reasons for this actually.  First, I'm kind of a history geek and the Civil War era is one of my favorites because it was a very pivotal time in American history, anything could have happened and American history could have been very different had just a few things happened just slightly differently than they did.  Second, I'm not a cookie cutter writer.  I like to write what hasn't been written before and I'm not aware of any vampire stories that occur during this time period.  My fourth novel, Uncivil Dead, which is being released by Netbound Publishing within the next couple of weeks is a zombie story that occurs during the Civil War.

6.) What scares you personally? Do you have any silly phobias?  I use to be really afraid of needles, very afraid.  When I was a little kid it took a lot of adults to hold me down for a blood test because as far as I was concerned, they weren't sticking that needle in me and I would fight to stop it ha ha.  I got over this fear while studying Medical Assisting.  Where I went to school made us practice on each other and not fake arms for injections and blood draws.  I figured that was as good of time as any to get over my fear of needles and volunteered to get poked as much as I could.  Now, it's no big deal.

7.) What is your writing routine? I don't really have a routine, but I do most of my writing at night when the world is silent and it can just be me and my story.  I can pretend that nothing else exists.

8.) Have you always been a fan of the horror genre? Oh yeah.  I've been hooked on horror ever since I was a little kid and saw Return of the Living Dead for the first time.  Hey, I was young so that was a scary movie back then lol.

9.) What other authors inspire you?  There are really too many authors in too many genres for me to give this question the kind of answer I'd like too.  As strange as it may sound for a horror author to say, my all time favorite author is the historical ficiton writer John Jakes.  My favorite horror author would be the late Richard Laymon.

10.) What advice would you give to newbie writers out there?  Write what you like.  Too many authors sell out and try to copy whatever is currently popular, which right now is Twilight and Tru Blood.  Don't do what everyone else is doing, those are fads.  Try to pioneer new trails for readers to enjoy, write what hasn't been written.


Jeremiah Coe is thirty-five years old and lives in Portage, Michigan.  He has been writing since he was five years old and would tell his stories to his mother who would write them down for him.

Jeremiah has written three novels that are currently available.  The Dead of Space Book One: Brave New World and The Dead of Space Book Two: Journey’s End are sci-fi horror novels. His third novel, Here Comes Santa, is about a serial killer that believes he is Santa Claus. All three of his novels can be ordered from Amazon in both, paperback and Kindle formats. His fourth novel, Uncivil Dead, will be available within the next two weeks. 

He also has an e-book novella, Vampire’s Retribution, which is available for the Kindle on Amazon, Smashwords and the Nook at Barnes and Noble.

He is also the author of several short stories that have been published in various magazines and anthologies.

You can find Jeremiah online at his Facebook page and Facebook Author Page.

Check him out!


Blaze McRob said...

Great interview! I know Jeremiah has not built my arm rest because I ride a bicycle and don't even own a car. Yvonne has a truck, so I'll ride in that when I get home. I won't give up my bicycle, though.

I really like the not-selling-out statement. That's my attitude. I write for me and hope other folks enjoy what I write as well. That way the honesty of your work shines through.


Spot said...

Thanks Blaze!