Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meet M. H. Mead, aka Margaret Yang and Harry R. Campion

I met Margaret and Harry through email. I'd left a comment on Scott Niven's blog when he reviewed their book and they emailed me to ask if I would also like to review it. Scott had made it sound so good that I immediately said yes, even though it wasn't a genre I usually pick up on my own. I'm very glad to say that I absolutely loved the book. In fact, you can read my glowing review over at See Spot Read. Go on- you know you want to.

Margaret and Harry are a writing duo. This amazes me. I don't think I could write with a partner. Maybe I just don't play well with others. Yep, it's probably just me. But I'll let them explain how it works for them.

1.) How long have you both been writing?
We both majored in creative writing in college, but we were writers before that. Maybe even as far back as elementary school. We’ve been published writers (short stories, articles) for over ten years.

2.) Do either of you write full time? If not, what are your day jobs, so to speak?
Harry teaches High School English and creative writing. He’s also a very involved dad with four kids. Margaret is a stay-at-home mom of two.

3.) Is this your fist published novel?
FATE’S MIRROR is our first published novel. Up to now, it’s all been short stories and novellas.

4.) What made you decide to go the Indie route?
Science fiction writers love to anticipate the future. Spotting trends before they are trends is something we’re good at. Ebooks and indie books are small now, but very soon will be the norm. With that in mind, it was an easy decision to make. We’d rather do the new thing than the old thing.

5.) What's it like being writing partners? Is it easier or harder than writing on your own? Do you write on your own or strictly as partners?
We love writing together. It’s the most fun either of us has at the keyboard. We’re not kidding when we say we share a brain. We occasionally write short stories alone, but even then, we’re always each other’s first readers. We rely on each other for the unvarnished truth.

6.) What scares each of you personally? Do you have any silly phobias?
Harry hates spiders. He can’t stand to watch that scene in Harry Potter with all the giant spiders. And that one part in The Lord of the Rings? Even worse.

Margaret has no problem with spiders or any other bugs. You know what she finds creepy? Light-up shoes. You know, the ones where the kid’s sneakers light up with every step? Those things are scary.

7.) What is your writing routine, both separately and together?
We live an hour away from each other. So, when we get together, we have all-day writing marathons that double as play dates for our kids. In between marathons, we phone or email almost every day.

8.) Have you always been a fan of the sci-fi genre?
Oh, yes! We worship at the throne of Larry Niven.

9.) What other authors inspire the two of you?
Besides Larry Niven, we love reading Stephen King. He has a natural, easy style that makes us feel like we can do it, too. We also have a soft spot for Neil Gaiman, but who doesn’t?

10.) What advice would you give to newbie writers out there?
Read a lot, write every day, and trust your beta readers.


M.H. Mead is the shared pen name of Margaret Yang and Harry R. Campion. Margaret is a parent, reader and writer who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She loves all things shiny and modern, and can’t wait to someday drive a flying car.

Harry R. Campion is a writer, teacher and parent who lives in Harper Woods, Michigan. He loves to camp in the wilderness and explore rivers by canoe.

For more about Margaret and Harry, including links to their published stories, visit their website at

They recently created a facebook page (look for M.H. Mead) and you can follow Margaret on Twitter @Margaret_Yang

FATE’S MIRROR is available for kindle
or any other ereader
or as a paperback

A one-minute book trailer can be found here



Margaret Yang said...

Thank you for inviting us to your blog, Stacey!

Spot said...

You're very welcome! Thanks for letting me review your book.


Blaze McRob said...

Another person scared of spiders. Woo, hoo! My list lengthens.

It must be tough for two authors to work together. Yvonne and I are going to do it for one book. i can't see me doing it with anyone else, though.

Great interview!